Black Winter PERIGORD Truffles (Tuber melanosporum)

Tuber melanosporum grows on chalky soil rich in calcium and alkaline. pH range between 7.0 and 8.5 with at least 10% total limestone.
Favourable soils are generally not deep: 15 to 40 cm, on fractured rock, with a crumbly or sandy structure. They must be well balanced in minerals and organics.
The C/N ratio must be around 8. Avoid compact soils with a texture that is too clayey. : 40 to 45% being limit.
The soil must be well draining.

Black Winter Truffles are known as the "black diamond".

These intense truffles are prized by connoisseurs and four-star chefs for their distinct and pungent aroma.

These fragrant little beauties are the most precious of all the black truffles.

Italian Winter White Truffles (Tuber Magnatum)

Chemical properties of soil for Tuber magnatum are the same as for soil for Tuber melanosporum.
Physical properties of soil for Tuber magnatum are not stony with more silty sandy texture, well aerated with a good drainage.

Italian Winter White Truffles are popularly known as the White Alba truffle, prized for its superb gastronomic qualities.

From the mountains of Italy, these precious gems from the earth abound with a rich aroma and flavour that none other can bring to your dish.

Remember, white truffles are almost never cooked, since the bulk of their flavour lies in the strong scent.

You will just slice them thinly (donít forget the truffle slicer!) and use them to finish off a preparation.

The heat of the dish will bring out the intense aroma of the winter white truffle for a fabulous effect.


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